Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kagu life presidency is very very good for Uganda

So he is quoted as saying that he cannot leave when things have just started to happen. He was referring to the oil having been discovered in Hoima and the dam being built at Bujagali. He is, of course, life president of Uganda.

The main reason why he is still president of Uganda is because most Ugandans vote for him. Those peasants, meanwhile contribute only about 20% to the GDP of the country. The small middle class that pays most of the taxes that run this country are just not enough to affect the vote to oust this chap. With the discovery of oil, Mr life president will be even less reliant on our taxes and thus only has to keep peasants happy to stay in power. With oil money he can offer them subsidies, more UPE schools and more and better equipped health centers.

Now we all know that Bill Gates believes that if you improve the welfare of the poorest people you improve the whole nation. These peasants will have more money to burn on airtime and those fake cheap products from China. The middle class in Kampala will grow as their market grows and we shall all be richer.

So let us stop agonizing and instead cultivate good relationships with Chinese suppliers so they can give us the credit to import their fakes and make a killing in the villages.