Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes we can!! And we shall.

“He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.”- 2 Corinthians 3:6

In this verse Paul is talking about not sticking to the letter of the law but the spirit of it, because it is the spirit of it that enables us to put the law into our context.

The letter (through research by a renowned scientist) said that the black race was inferior even genetically. But the spirit said, 'Yes we can!' Joe Lewis showed Hitler that we could. Tiger Woods pointed golf in the right direction. Lewis Hamilton put some color into F1 and now Obama rules the world.

The spirit says we are all children of good. No Jews or Gentiles. Joe Lewis, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton and Barrack Husein Obama are all mixed race people. Now that there is further proof of our oneness.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Kagu life presidency is very very good for Uganda

So he is quoted as saying that he cannot leave when things have just started to happen. He was referring to the oil having been discovered in Hoima and the dam being built at Bujagali. He is, of course, life president of Uganda.

The main reason why he is still president of Uganda is because most Ugandans vote for him. Those peasants, meanwhile contribute only about 20% to the GDP of the country. The small middle class that pays most of the taxes that run this country are just not enough to affect the vote to oust this chap. With the discovery of oil, Mr life president will be even less reliant on our taxes and thus only has to keep peasants happy to stay in power. With oil money he can offer them subsidies, more UPE schools and more and better equipped health centers.

Now we all know that Bill Gates believes that if you improve the welfare of the poorest people you improve the whole nation. These peasants will have more money to burn on airtime and those fake cheap products from China. The middle class in Kampala will grow as their market grows and we shall all be richer.

So let us stop agonizing and instead cultivate good relationships with Chinese suppliers so they can give us the credit to import their fakes and make a killing in the villages.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

America learns mandarin.

A great and famous Chinese curse says, 'may you live in interesting times ...'

So he said that China had developed a socialist economy with Chinese characteristics. He is GWYNNE DYER, eagle eyed free lance journalist. China's is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is expected to be the largest economy in the world before very long. Such is the growth and dominance of the Chinese economy that forward thinking people are advising that we all learn mandarin if we are to participate fully in the future world economy. You may say that China is only one country, but that is because you are only looking at the over 1bn Chinese in china. The majority ethnic groups in Malaysia and Singapore are also mandarin speakers and they are the wealthier and most influential of the ethnic groups in those countries.

And now, in the biggest sign yet of the shift in tide of global power, the American government has nationalized large parts of its financial institutions in a move that has created a socialist economy with American characteristics. In a classic case of shooting yourself in the foot, George Bush removed several regulations governing the financial institutions because he is an advocate of totally free markets. As a result of the crisis that has resulted from the financial institutions hanging themselves using all that rope that he gave them, the American government is now the largest insurer in the world and that move is expected to trigger socialist interventions in most western states.

So then I commented that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it probably is a duck. The American government is walking like the Chinese government; what do you say to that? And she said, 'America has finally learned some mandarin for sure'. She is Eva Maria.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cry Wolf!!

"They sold the war, they sold the stimulus package and some other things. It's the 'wolf at the door'" argument.

Using very dire language, satellite photos and Secretary of State General Collin Powell, he said the world should act against Iraq. Claiming that if they did not act fast, America and the world was in danger of being destroyed by weapons of mass destruction.

Using very dire language, economic reports and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, he said the American Congress should act against the economic crisis that has gripped the US. Claiming that if they did not act fast, more banks could fail, the stock market could plummet and erase retirement accounts, businesses could find it hard to get credit and be forced to close, wiping out jobs for millions of Americans.

When he said it the first time the UN did not buy the story but some silly countries did and so we had 'Shock and Awe' in Iraq. Saddam ended up in a hole, several American soldiers have lost their lives and Iraq is a failing state. But when he said it again, Congress is not buying it because they remember only too well how the famous weapons of mass destruction have never been found. What next for Mr George W. Bush? Because that is who he is.

She said America is heading for a great depression. She said she and her man would not back the plan of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in its current form. She is Sarah Palin, future vice president of the USA. You know what, I agree with what she said, because he is just so very daft.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yes we can!!

Have you ever realised how the entire universe is linked in some way to your life? Like you are part of the Matrix? When you get flushed by your babe, suddenly all the songs on radio are talking about people being flushed and all the newspaper articles are on the same topic. My submission is that the Matrix is the way in which God talks to us through his Holy Spirit. He shows you that you are not alone and if you listen carefully and watch attentively He will tell you what you should do about the whole thing.

So then the American economy goes into decline because of poor management by the President a certain daft man called George Bush. Coincidentally the president in charge of your economy at home also mismanages it into a recession. Just like Bush, this president also wields immense power. As the economy is struggling to cope with the investment banks collapsing like locusts at the end of their cycle, the crunch on credit is so tight it is suffocating. Meanwhile in your own local economy, your soon to end contract means you cannot access credit to save yourself and jump start the economy. In America the hurricanes arrive in a big bad way to increase your spending even further and locally the landlord increases your rent by a whopping 20%.

It is clear what God is telling you. You are America!! So the solution to all your problems lies in the answers America provides for its problems. America's attitude should be your attitude. But you despair when you note that the Americans seem to be going to keep more of the same as they elect a dim-witted beauty queen as vice president. So now you are confused about the message. But there is a verse in the bible that talks about picking up the spirit of the law and not its letter. So yes, the message you should hear from America is 'Yes we can!'

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I do not save, hence I am rich!

So he says, 'I do not save, hence I am rich.'

I agree with what he says because if we take the example of the financial markets which are what drives many an economy by providing capital for guys to create new businesses and new jobs. Uganda is not rich because we have weak financial markets. This is because people are saving their money, not in banks, but in land and property. As such there is no money to drive growth. So we remain poor because we save. Money should be invested in production because that is when the multiplier effect kicks in. Investing in land and waiting or in a house that is already built just removes that money from circulation. But buying shares allows companies to use the money to increase production. Starting a business also increases jobs. If we all buy land and houses who will buy them from us when they gain value if we do not provide jobs for people? We must remember that your land is not worth what the valuer says in real terms, its worth what you get for it when you sell or the what you get when you borrow against it.

So please invest rather than save. Remember that money in an economy is like fuel in a car; if you put diesel in a car you need a turbo to make it perform like a petrol powered car. Saving is diesel fuel, but investment is petrol (super). Do not be an economic saboteur in the eyes of Keynes. The growth of the Chinese economy has been fueled by consumption, the recession in the US was started when consumers stopped buying. Withholding money means job losses.

And that is the aim of the plan to have no money on our accounts. The idea is that we create holes into which this money goes into. We must chose these holes carefully so as not to regret over spending. Because if the money is idle on the account, chances are you will blow it on some useless luxury that will not create more money for you. The Americans are rich because they are always in debt. So create liability to consume all your money. The best way to benefit from such a situation is if that liability funds an asset. If you have excess money, put a deposit on land and pay the balance slowly from subsequent months' income. When you are done paying for it, sell it for lump sum cash and use the cash to fund a business. Contribute to a fund that will take your money and give it to some company to create jobs. Start a fund of your own and create jobs. Take a holiday and pay a waiter's salary. Drink beer and help pay a sorghum grower in Uganda. But please take your money out of the bank because after they pay salaries they will just buy government paper and all that does is diesel fuel the car with no turbo. And so the economy is like a taxi (Kamunye). Very fast downhill but painfully slow uphill.

Thankfully she said she agreed with what he said.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Looking out for number one

So she said, 'Why is it that you as a government official, a former Attorney General with full knowledge of the PPDA act; why did you participate in a transaction that flouted the rules of the act?' So then he said, 'The PPDA act obligates government institutions to follow the rules. Private individuals, which Arma Ltd is one, are not obligated to follow these rules.'

Now here I am definitely with him. Politicians have this thing about working for the people and all that and claiming that its borne out of their desire to be democratic. These people have failed to learn the lessons from the biggest democracy monger in our universe. What has made America rich and powerful is the fact that everyone looks out for their own selfish interests and expects everyone else to do the same. So there will be no stupid rhetorical questions about how a former Attorney General could fore go making a killing out of concern for flouting of rules that do not apply to him.

So she is very wrong on this. Just like most women who claim to care and yet in fact they measure caring by the number of times you do what they tell you to do. We men are branded selfish and yet we are the most caring of the genders. We do this by making everything to our benefit. And I mean everything, including the benefit to others. As such we are able to sustain it better. As long as something brings benefit to you, you will do it again and again. So your wife wants you to go with her to the salon and you do it with a smile because you find benefit in ogling the hair dressers. I hope you catch my drift.

Like he said, we are under no obligation to follow the other person's rule. If the other person was selfish like us, then inevitably all endings would be to the mutual benefit of everyone. Even Osama Bin Laden cannot argue with that.

Friday, September 5, 2008

A new dawn

Yes, people I have finally become cutting edge. I will be back after setting up my profile to say more. Please bare with me.