Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Superman goes to England

So he said, ever since I can remember, I have always felt invincible; unbreakable even. This feeling is not there all the time though. Like superman, some villain may have kryptonite and I may feel vulnerable. That villain could be a person or a situation. But, just like superman, I prevail in the end just before the credits roll up.

Lately the kryptonite is powerful and is possessed by many villains.

First I missed my flight by a whole day. With no clue whatsoever, I even call the airline to complain and it takes about 5 minutes for them to make me understand that my flight was for the day before.

Then I get here 2 days late and, after a glowing introduction, my presentation bombs out in a style only Bill Gates would understand from his days launching dodgy software.

As in any good episode of superman, it usually gets worse before it gets better. Is it going to get any worse? How much worse can it get. Today it was the University of Liverpool and the department of Chemical and Microbiology. Easy to explain away the glitch using big IT words. But next week it is the University of Oxford Computer Science professors. My guess is that the kryptonite will be found in the content. The professors will be frowning and trying to make up excuses for me.

She says I should be drenched in sweat at the prospect of backfiring again. But superman usually ends up kissing a hot chic at the end (unless it is one of those stupid – to be continued – episodes). So I am now focusing on what form the hot chic at the end will take for me.  This may be the most exciting superman episode yet, but it is not a season finale and neither is it the season opener. As such, superman will not die in this episode nor stay injured till the next.

She says she would like to be the hot chic at the end when I am in this mood.