Friday, October 27, 2017

The balancing foot race

Meanwhile this morning on the school run...

So a dodgy premio full of security operatives forces its way in front of me from Kiseka side at Aga Khan, but alas they are held in traffic. The guy they are chasing is also held up in traffic.

So one of them steps out of the car, removes his gun from the hip, adjusts his balancing trousers and runs towards the culprit. He probably got this idea from a movie or series.

He is about to catch up to them despite his balancing trousers falling halfway off his bum and slowing his already unfit arse down. He even takes aim and I brace myself for a gun fight while urging my kids not to miss any of the action.

Suddenly traffic clears up and the culprits zoom off. Even the dodgy premio overtakes the unfit idiot with balancing trousers running near a school with his gun drawn.

Its only when he sees his mates reach the round about at Martin road that he summons a boda using his gun. At this point his unfit arse had only just reached the 2nd gate of Aga Khan.

The movies make it look so easy. They never show Jack Bauer or agent Keane doing boot camp.

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