Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Snowden leaks project Obama details

So he said, mbu a long time ago, some white men sat in a room and contemplated the results of a yet to be released US census bureau report that showed that the white race was not the majority race in the US anymore. This was just the turn of the century and it was obvious to these guys that superiority of the white race had to be maintained. Several proposals were discussed and categorized as short term, medium term and long term.

In the short term, they agreed that the Hispanics would now be split into white Hispanics and black Hispanics with white Hispanics counted as whites but black Hispanics counted as Latinos. The result was that white numbers rose and could actually be reported as a growing majority race. A sinister move indeed.

But more sinister was the scheme proposed to reverse this trend for the long term. For purposes of making it easier for Ugandans to understand, I will call it Project Obama.

The gist of the plan was to ensure that a black man gets elected as President of the US. The plan was for it to be an intelligent and liberal black man so that the black race is not suspicious of him. This cabal reasoned that as a result of a black man ending up in power, the white race would be scared into not taking their superiority for granted. At the same time they would ensure that the black president oversaw policies that so alienated the black man that it reinforced his deep seated belief in his own inferiority. In simple terms the plan was to give the black race enough rope to hang themselves.

In truth, the plan is working to perfection. The lot of the black race in the US has never been lower. Not even during the rein of Ronald Reagan, was it this bad. The numbers of black people being entrusted with political office has fallen during Obama's rein. The number of black men ending up in jail has risen during Obama's rein. In general the black race has taken a massive step back during his 2 terms.

He has also overseen one of the most tyrannical US presidencies in recent times. Eroding away freedoms that were taken for granted in the US, but are now threatened by a massive big brother spying machine. Every morning Obama signs the kill list. This is a list of targets to be bombed by drones. After taking out the primary terrorists they are now taking out what they call potential terrorists. Yes, if you are the son of a terrorist they killed and in which drone attack your mother also died, then its only logical that you will turn into a terrorist 10 years from now when you turn 18. So you must be killed now.

In essence Obama is no different from a true African despot. Spying on his citizens and infringing their freedoms while at the same time spreading terror and heart ache outside.

Just like how the new 13" Macbook Pro is best Windows notebook PC, Obama is the best thing for white supremacy.

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