Friday, August 23, 2013

The Kenyan Job

Finally a big job. The call came on a nondescript Tuesday evening. Someone wanted some Kenyans taken out by the next Thursday. The lead came from the Chennai super king, Kivev a.k. Minion. "Magso you will run this", he simply said.

So I set about setting up a team. I reached out to my advisor Reemas in Jozy. Over there he was simply known as the delivery guy. Well, he delivered a list of names from India of people who had the sort of experience I would need for this job. The unit was led by Diptra the slave driver; and consisted of Vivek the singer, Hareesh the thinker and Sriram the brain.

For the trigger man, I chose a Kenyan lady Buiwam. Even though she was new in the organisation, she had a massive reputation in Kenya for this sort of operation. Working with her would be the American Doctor, a.k.a the Haitian. Legend has it that he cut his teeth in Haiti's health space.

To round up the team I roped in Christopher the philosopher. Originally from a potato farming background in Australia, Chris had solved many a quagmire in Europe and Africa.

I sent Buiwam in to case the places where the hits would go down. It turned out several of the targets were actually Ugandans living in Kenya. In fact I had an old childhood grudge to settle with one of them. This would be a gratifying job on a personal level.

D-day came and tick tock the hit went off like clock work. Looking forward to the next bog job.

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Buff Boy said...

News just in indicates that though several targets were taken down in this hit, the overall objective was not achieved.

We will be back.