Sunday, September 1, 2013

Have the mighty fallen?

So they had been great in the past. I mean really really great. There was continental titles that few today even know about. Really badasses and serious heroes. But lately those accolades sounded hollow. They looked lost and had to endure taunts from fans of the new hero.

But this weekend, just for a few days, the feeling of being admired and respected by multitudes was one they got to experience again. They did that by defeating the new hero. And it was done in the most clinical of fashions. No slicing of the throat and the mess that can cause. There was no affixiation and the leaving of DNA that can arise. This was more like a single bullet between the eyes; BAM!! Very little blood and no struggle.

She said Titus (what a name) Tugume and the speeding magulu kumi he walked into in the form of a Golola Moses right upper cut.

He said Manchester United and that 1 nil defeat at the hands of their greatest rivals Liverpool FC.

Of course now obituaries are already being written for the heroes downed on the weekend. It is funny how people are always waiting for the gallant to fall. They come up with the very well researched obituaries immediately that indicate the hate is just under the surface waiting to come out. Humanity is such an envious bunch.

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