Thursday, September 11, 2008

Looking out for number one

So she said, 'Why is it that you as a government official, a former Attorney General with full knowledge of the PPDA act; why did you participate in a transaction that flouted the rules of the act?' So then he said, 'The PPDA act obligates government institutions to follow the rules. Private individuals, which Arma Ltd is one, are not obligated to follow these rules.'

Now here I am definitely with him. Politicians have this thing about working for the people and all that and claiming that its borne out of their desire to be democratic. These people have failed to learn the lessons from the biggest democracy monger in our universe. What has made America rich and powerful is the fact that everyone looks out for their own selfish interests and expects everyone else to do the same. So there will be no stupid rhetorical questions about how a former Attorney General could fore go making a killing out of concern for flouting of rules that do not apply to him.

So she is very wrong on this. Just like most women who claim to care and yet in fact they measure caring by the number of times you do what they tell you to do. We men are branded selfish and yet we are the most caring of the genders. We do this by making everything to our benefit. And I mean everything, including the benefit to others. As such we are able to sustain it better. As long as something brings benefit to you, you will do it again and again. So your wife wants you to go with her to the salon and you do it with a smile because you find benefit in ogling the hair dressers. I hope you catch my drift.

Like he said, we are under no obligation to follow the other person's rule. If the other person was selfish like us, then inevitably all endings would be to the mutual benefit of everyone. Even Osama Bin Laden cannot argue with that.

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