Monday, September 15, 2008

Yes we can!!

Have you ever realised how the entire universe is linked in some way to your life? Like you are part of the Matrix? When you get flushed by your babe, suddenly all the songs on radio are talking about people being flushed and all the newspaper articles are on the same topic. My submission is that the Matrix is the way in which God talks to us through his Holy Spirit. He shows you that you are not alone and if you listen carefully and watch attentively He will tell you what you should do about the whole thing.

So then the American economy goes into decline because of poor management by the President a certain daft man called George Bush. Coincidentally the president in charge of your economy at home also mismanages it into a recession. Just like Bush, this president also wields immense power. As the economy is struggling to cope with the investment banks collapsing like locusts at the end of their cycle, the crunch on credit is so tight it is suffocating. Meanwhile in your own local economy, your soon to end contract means you cannot access credit to save yourself and jump start the economy. In America the hurricanes arrive in a big bad way to increase your spending even further and locally the landlord increases your rent by a whopping 20%.

It is clear what God is telling you. You are America!! So the solution to all your problems lies in the answers America provides for its problems. America's attitude should be your attitude. But you despair when you note that the Americans seem to be going to keep more of the same as they elect a dim-witted beauty queen as vice president. So now you are confused about the message. But there is a verse in the bible that talks about picking up the spirit of the law and not its letter. So yes, the message you should hear from America is 'Yes we can!'

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