Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cry Wolf!!

"They sold the war, they sold the stimulus package and some other things. It's the 'wolf at the door'" argument.

Using very dire language, satellite photos and Secretary of State General Collin Powell, he said the world should act against Iraq. Claiming that if they did not act fast, America and the world was in danger of being destroyed by weapons of mass destruction.

Using very dire language, economic reports and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, he said the American Congress should act against the economic crisis that has gripped the US. Claiming that if they did not act fast, more banks could fail, the stock market could plummet and erase retirement accounts, businesses could find it hard to get credit and be forced to close, wiping out jobs for millions of Americans.

When he said it the first time the UN did not buy the story but some silly countries did and so we had 'Shock and Awe' in Iraq. Saddam ended up in a hole, several American soldiers have lost their lives and Iraq is a failing state. But when he said it again, Congress is not buying it because they remember only too well how the famous weapons of mass destruction have never been found. What next for Mr George W. Bush? Because that is who he is.

She said America is heading for a great depression. She said she and her man would not back the plan of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson in its current form. She is Sarah Palin, future vice president of the USA. You know what, I agree with what she said, because he is just so very daft.

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