Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Is Kenya really better than Uganda?

It is interesting the amount of comparison that goes on between people in life and yet many of the races we run are or should be with ourselves. From the positions in school; I have a friend whose son has been scarred for life because he is always the last in a class of 20, despite an average of 80%. Now he has no interest in school because he is convinced he can never win.

So she looks enviously at neighbor Kenya and its recently opened metro station and flyovers, and the planned silicon valley project. She complains loudly about how useless we are in comparison because of all the dust in our city and corruption everywhere. As far as she is concerned Kenya is better than Uganda.

So let us examine this Kenya that is turning out to be our role model or pace setter. After independence they were ruled by a chap who considered himself the only one with a vision. In fact he had fought for independence based on this conviction. When he died, his chosen successor continued with his vision leading to this sole vision being in control for close to 40 years. During that time the level of corruption in Kenya was such that Kenyatta's family is still considered one of the richest in Africa.

I think Kaguta studied that formula well. His sole vision is now entering 26 years and soon a handpicked successor should be in place to keep that going. I think with oil coming, the levels of corruption will soon match those of the visionary Kenyans. Already the travails of Bassajabala are looking very similar to those of that Muyindi from the Goldenburg scandal.

In short, what He is saying is that we shall soon have flyovers, metro trains and hi-tech cities too. Just as long as Kagu continues to bless us with his vision. Long live Kaguta and long live the NRM. Down with unpatriotic Ugandans allowing to be used by foreigners to derail us.

He is laughing so loudly that his side hurts. She said he is stupid...

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