Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is the true cost of good customer service?

So she said;

Am kind of impressed with Umeme. I reached home last night and found no kara. I called the chaps and directed them to our area. They actually came to the rescue and sorted us out and even called to confirm that power was back. At this juncture I am glad to be a shareholder.

But he said;

Am still glad I am not a shareholder. Do you for instance happen to know WHY the power was off? It merely takes an accomplice to turn off a circuit breaker, log your call as a complaint then requisition 'materials' for repair. This in addition to fuel for 'going to site' since a shareholder has called. From this fuel they allow the pump attendant 5k of the 30k ghost fuel as well as justify the need for a multitude of technicians (basing on the no of complaints received from previous years' records), increased number of call center staff to receive these complaints.... and it goes on and on perpetuating itself. The end result to me, the ordinary mwananchi? Is a higher power bill, as UMEME seeks profits which translate into higher prices of local goods... This leads to lousy imports from China choking local business because the natural mingis that are involved in the imports don’t pay taxes...... I could complete a full 32 page kasuku explaining just how terrible that 'wonderful' customer service is for you and I but it’s cyclic and would still not end. For God and my country!
Think about the real cost of customer service next time you dial 0800185185.

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