Thursday, January 3, 2013

Its a new year

So it is 2013 finally. They say it is going to be worse that 2012. The good thing is that I am already in the brace position ready for the crash.

Right now I am a single parent. Yes, the wife went off to bang kyeyo. My opinion is that she is on a paid holiday as parenting these kids is not simple. But it has given me a chance to try out all my theories on parenting without the benefit of contrary feedback from the wife.

When my 2 year old spills anything on the floor, I send her to get a rug and mop it up. Subsequently the amount of spills has reduced dramatically. When any of my kids hurt themselves and start to cry, I wait for them to come to me seeking comfort rather than running over to find out what happened. Now there is less crying due to simple knocks. Soon I will start to send my 6 year old to the distant super market on her own.

The interesting thing is that most of my peers think that I am being mean. But they are the same people praising my kids for being so independent and mature. They like the end but not the means. Personally I just wanted to try giving them the sort of childhood I had. As such I have not invented anything new. My childhood was great and I think it made me the person that I am. So it should be obvious that I would want the same for my kids.

And let us be clear, he did not say that you should all do as I do. What he said is that this way is working for him. My oldest, she said; '... with daddy we do whatever we want. But with mummy there is too much shouting and smacking.' She forgets that he smacks too.

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